Gepubliceerd op: 09/01/2020

Point en Click


This is a super duper small #oneTapGame in which you are supposed to stack blocks one on to of the other.
All mad in pure js with a single canvas and not much more.
Hope you enjoy!
No music for now (oper for submissions down in the comments ;) )
Taal: English  
News: 2
I've choosen to remove the speed increase as it made the game worst . . .
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Gesan (Level 10) 2023-04-17
Watching the leaderboard. It's impossible the record over 200. Probably there are cheats. There are no sounds, a huge lack
Myrkvidr (Level 14) 2020-06-16
very addictive, but it needs some sound
indiexpo Addons (Level 13) 2020-02-15
You can find this game also on our new extension/ #addon on your own Browser.
Click and Play!
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