SAKIS - Underworld SAKIS - Underworld
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TenTen92 (896 Edelstenen) 2019-04-16

this game is legend. one of the best platform indie game. is the developer still alive?

BloodMichael93 (943 Edelstenen) 2016-11-19

Amazing game !!!! Even if the soundtrack is very... strange... I love the bonus levels and your arts ! Will you develop an online game ?

Carir (1867 Edelstenen) 2016-11-16

oh chvok ! You're back ! Are you working to an html5 game ? Or a new game ?

Jonathan Fish (7709 Edelstenen) 2016-08-15

perfect platform... but with a bad music >.<

ChvokStudio Profile (290 Edelstenen) 2015-12-08

Glad You like it:) According to the BGM - guitar track is only in the first world: Mountains. But thanks for opinion. Btw: we haven't played Commander Keen, but nice that SAKIS reminds such classic games;)

Gatsu87 (3912 Edelstenen) 2015-12-05

I should replace the BGM. Use somethig that remembers the Greek Time. An electric guitar is very out. The game is very nice and fast ! With a better BGM it can be more cool !! It remember me an old game called commander ken XD Do you know it ?

ChvokStudio Profile (290 Edelstenen) 2015-11-29

Yes, all game assets were made by our team. btw: thanks for fav:)

BigHero (1621 Edelstenen) 2015-11-29

are the sprites original ?

ChvokStudio Profile (290 Edelstenen) 2015-11-28

Soundtrack in video-gameplay is partially used in a game (except from hard-blues track). Thanks, glad you like it:) Greetings!

Marius (4110 Edelstenen) 2015-11-28

But... is the soundtrack of the video-gameplay the same of the game ? Nice platform game ! I love the chibi charas.:)

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