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S.T.P.W Cosmic Prism

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Gepubliceerd op: 11/12/2016



Stain This Planet With Cosmic Prism is a game made by myself and Mieeh (! ___ ___ Do share your thoughts and make sure to rate our game! Join my Discord and see how I develop my games! ___ Programmig: Mieeh __ Art & Sound: Theihe ___ Approx. time 40 hours.
Taal: English  
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S.T.P.W Cosmic Prism
S.T.P.W Cosmic Prism
S.T.P.W Cosmic Prism
Reacties (13)
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MagicOz (1489 Edelstenen) 2017-07-31

The difficulty grows up very quickly...too quickly! It can be nice also to play this game using two players!

jhonatantp (177 Edelstenen) 2017-06-19

legalzinho rsrsr parabe

Amir (3757 Edelstenen) 2017-04-13

It is too hard Drive: add bonus or malus.

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S.T.P.W Cosmic Prism
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