Quarrel Hill Quarrel Hill
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OverDawn-2K (Level 4) 2020-01-05

Not working

Alkatraz (Level 8) 2016-11-06

it doesn't work....

Eugor (Level 12) 2016-11-02

You know bro I think could make it in android n.n just saying haha good luck I loved it

domagojbulat (Level 4) 2016-10-28

Android version is also finished now. Enjoy! Thank you very much for playing!! :-)


domagojbulat (Level 4) 2016-10-28

We made it mobile, iOS version is available, Android I hope in a few days.


Alkatraz (Level 8) 2016-10-28

nice. But I agree with cantex, turn it in a html5 game, so I can play it on my phone...

Cantex76 (Level 6) 2016-10-24

Funny ! But ad an html5 version. Mobile first !!

domagojbulat (Level 4) 2016-10-23

Yes, but then Newgrounds medals and ad that I should get some small revenue don't work :-(

cema12 (Level 8) 2016-10-23

Can you turn it in an html5 game??

fats (Level 12) 2016-10-23

Greaaaaat !!

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