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PEGGY (PegSolitaire)

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Made in Italy in may 17, 2014. Languages: ENG,ITA. Peggy (peg solitaire) is a puzzle game for one player (exe, windows). How many pegs are you able to erase ? try it by clicking on the download link. features: - exe - gmk commented (basic version only) - Help: rules & commands - many schemes + rnd generator - paper pattern to crop. Hope this will please you!
PEGGY (PegSolitaire)
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gameplay_extreme Profile (896 Edelstenen) 2014-07-06

If you find some bug you can contribute by describing them at . Thanks for reading. <br /> Se trovi qualche bug puoi contribuire descrivendolo a . Grazie per la lettura. <br />

gameplay_extreme Profile (896 Edelstenen) 2014-07-05

there was an error in the rnd generator: fixed. Please download again the game for a better experience.

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