Nemesis - in Darkland


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Story: One little girl decides to get out of her home and go to her garden to play. She stops walking because she finds a white soft bunny. Who is this bunny?The bunny is strange, and it is curious how he knows so much about her, and every detail of her life. Is he perhaps a wizard? What to do now? Just follow him into a very big hole. ***UPDATE 28/07/2017*** -New Intro Menu -New Characters' Graphic -New Animation after the Library -Fixed the Maryrose's Animation
Nemesis - in Darkland
Nemesis - in Darkland
Nemesis - in Darkland
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the ugly truth (2071 Edelstenen)

good work! Very nice! The dark version of Alice in w.

DanGames Profile (309 Edelstenen)

Interesting!Nice setting!