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An official release is coming soon. The current BETA is pretty much 99% true to the final product. Some things are being removed such as a few graphics in cut scenes that just feel out of place and there is a little bit more to the end game for Thief class, but other than that, this is it.. announcement of official game release coming soon!


I would really like to see someone test this BETA to then end. I have done a ton of testing but now I am working on a new project and dont have the time. Help me test this game out so i can put out an official release! thank you for all of your support! #BETA #test


Remember when RPG games were savage? Does anyone remember finally getting through the Stygian Abyss in Ultima IV? Miracle Warriors for Sega Master System? (enough said).. or running out of time so close to beating the Magic Candle? I propose this challenge.. enter the world of Myrkvidr.. the first player to become a PALADIN in the game will get a nifty t-shirt. follow us on facebook for more details. join the crusade now.

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