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Mobius Vector

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Gepubliceerd op: 01/01/2017


Rpg Maker MV

A young cleric knight named Annabelle is certain she's the hero destined to save the world. The problem is, no one else seems to think so. Note: This game is made 100% with the default assets and plugins that come with RPG Maker MV. I'm making this as a test for myself to see just how far I can take the base engine.
Taal: English  
Mobius Vector
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Drifterthorn (274 Edelstenen) 2019-03-16

I just finished the demo it was amazing. I hope you do more with this.

Drifterthorn (274 Edelstenen) 2019-03-07

I love this game so far. The music is really good and I love the way everything looks.

Voldre Profile (420 Edelstenen) 2018-10-18

This is a good game! Fewer default, entertaining, but just an ordinary game, but whatever!

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