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New and last demo released! This last demo includes: - 4 playable stages total (2 new stages) - epilogue cutscene - new enemies, music and more


Just noticed that the game didn't have xbox gamepad support (xinput), and It only worked in playstation-like gamepads (directinput) x_x

I apologize for the inconvenience. I've already found a fix, and I'm working on it right now. If anyone faces another problem when playing the game, don't hesitate to make a post c:


A new and last demo of the game will be released soon, including the first 4 levels of the game (in order), an introductory scene that explains Mu's motivation to travel the world, and the use of "magic heat stones" (the one you throw on the geyser at the end of each level); So stay tuned folks ;)

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