Just Take Your Left Just Take Your Left Mehrdad Rezaei
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Pc white Downloaden External link

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Reofloor (Level 10) 2021-03-31
Должен сказать, это очень мило.
Ischenderun (Level 6) 2021-03-25
fun demo with cute drawings. The cartoon atmosphere is very heartfelt and pleasant. A few bugs to fix but in the end a nice game
Brim (Level 11) 2020-12-13
Is it hosted only on Dropbox? I have problems with it
ronnye (Level 14) 2020-12-09
is the demo for windows? why it is selected as Mobile Friendly?!
Best IndieGames (Level 16) 2020-12-05
This game is in the video about the Top 5 BEST NEW Indie Games of November 2020

YouTube Gameplay
LesGrossman (Level 12) 2020-12-03
It's not for mobile. Please, fix it. The design and the gameplay is great! Great plot, funny and easy! The artworks are the best part! Very good team!
Deneris (Level 16) 2020-11-30
I don't understand. Is it for pc or android? Can anyone help me?
TyrionL (Level 14) 2020-11-30
why the demo is only 9MB? is it so short?
wearevenom (Level 11) 2020-11-30
It remembers me a very old cartoon made in french. But I don't remember the title. The game looks amazing. I am downloading the demo!
ronnye (Level 14) 2020-11-30
what the hell, this is incredibly pro!
Staff Geverifieerd (Level 14) 2020-11-30
Added your trailer. If you want, you can edit your page in every moment to change or remove it!
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