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Gepubliceerd op: 11/03/2023



Irodoku is similar to sudoku but with colors and symbols instead of numbers. There are 25 Levels to master, each with a different color palette or set of symbols. This is the first testversion V.0.9.3. If you have any feedback or suggestions please write in the comments.
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ConanOB (Level 6) 2023-03-23
ok. this is good. funny. colorful. easy to play. easy to check. very good idea and very good realization. I hope to see soon new games made by you
Freank Geverifieerd (Level 18) 2023-03-11
I spent few minutes on it. I like it! I love the sounds and animations, they are the best part! My tips are to add a background music, make it responsive (i used a small laptop and I should scroll to play it) and I will add a score system (to link with the website). 4/5 for me!
leone25 Geverifieerd (Level 10) 2023-03-11
Great game, only one problem is that some color combos are really hard to distinguish, even for someone that doesn't have issues with colors
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