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Gepubliceerd op: 23/08/2017


Construct 2

Just A WIP game to introduce you to the indiepad! If you feel like giving me some feedback, please do so in the comments ! If you don't have indiepad just use "WASD" + Right Arrow ( -> ) !
Taal: Italiano  
News: 3
Lots of bug fixes, full working shield and new heads!
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Indiepad Arena
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Staff (3359 Edelstenen) 2018-03-05

We removed the indiepad feature :( You can add it again when it will be playable (and not only an alpha)

NovoG (1537 Edelstenen) 2017-11-27

why there are numbers on the head? what's the goal of this game?

TyrionL (2734 Edelstenen) 2017-11-25

is it a good idea make a reflex game for indiepad?

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