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The big mechanics and core update is almost out! This is last news before the update!

Big news coming so with huge game changes! Update will come soon!

​Just a teaser for area that I'm currently working on. Wanted to let people know that I still work on the game (even though the update came out a month ago I got few messages if I work on it).​
Currently I'm taking it a bit slow, after 1200+hours of work it takes a toll. I did some enemy and party parameters balancing, fixing some bugs.
Also, I'm almost finished with adding Paladin to be able to enter party if you trigger and finish event.
That's it for now.

Hello players! This new update is more balance focused due the last update where enemies got levels and it was hard to kill them. Now this should be fixed and more balance will come in future updates. As for this one here are some notes whats new.
1)Added drink, eat and sleep sounds- Now when you do some of those actions, you will get sounds. This is to be more imersive.
2)I added the BUG REPORT button that leads you to Trello board- This allwos people who click it and have Trello account to type the bugs and suggestions there as an alternative to indiexpo itch.io or other sites where you downloaded the game.
3)Added spell cooldowns- Spell have now real world cooldowns timers, starting as soon you cast the spell. This is to prevent people to just spam the best spell and fight. Also balances the Auto Battle where AI would also use best spell to fight couple times in a row (this happens ocasioanlly but still not to my taste)
4) Added new Inventory- Inventory now has categories where items/weapon/armor are categorized by class and a "ALL" tab for every item. This is for more order in inventory and renaming the default "Key" category tab.
5)Added Status Menu- When you go ESC/Status you now have more info about your stats and new stats that are by default hidden
6)Added "Steal"- You can now try to steal items/gold/gear from enemies (humanoids) with 50% chance. Usually all humanoids(humans, orcs,etc) can be stolen from in battle, but some don't have the ability to steal, example: orcs in the game are little more than a animal so they don't carry gold and they don't have use for it, so by logic they don't have it and you can't steal it.
7)Added sounds when using items or equiping armor/weapon- Self explanitory
8)Rebalanced enemy xp, gold given and stats - Self explanitory
9)Edited Brawler Club enemies to give few lines of dialogue when starting fight- Self explanitory
This is for now, next update will be more content focused. Leave feedback which is greatly appreciated.

Hey everyone! Some news today/tonight! I started working again on game a bit more frequent since I had to stop work on it since I had to find some part time job to pay some parents health bills. I worked hard and did a lot of work for ~20h past two weeks. I did a lot of enemy balance since I had to when I implemented enemy levels they where a bit harder to kill. The enemy balance will be done in other update after this (next) one, as long I get more feedback.
I added also few things like more in dept status window with more parameters to show and biography to fill out the backstory.
Added also an important script: Categorize item scene. That means that now items in menu have separate windows like weapon/armor/Special(key items)/Potions/Materials/ALL/Consumables/Other(sleeping and other stuff) for easier navigation and cleaner "professional" look.
I also added "skill cooldown". Now skills cast have real time cooldown time (like 20 seconds). That means there is no more spamming best spells to win battles easier or just use mass heal. Will balance in future updates as players send me more feedback and I play test (I play test each update as much I can but I skip battles since there is really a lot in the game).
These are just few things I did right now, it's just for the people who send me message "when's the update" or "is the development dead". I will try best to do more news more frequent.
PS I added link to trello board to help me out with bugs which you can send here

Hello, guys! New update is out again!
Well... Well, I have no idea where to start! Literally!
First off, the update changed a lot. When I say "a lot", I mean A LOT! Let's start then.
First off, I changed a lot of core stuff. Mainly the alignment system. Now, I finally finished some tinkering and now the stuff should look more "professional". Each character start with default alignment. As you and people in your party trigger events or do quests, your alignment will go up or down. Since now there is a option to let each character have their own alignment, I will somehow try to make party members leave party permanently or until you get to alignment number they would accept to join your party. Right now the alignment will impact on the game ending but in next few updates I will try to make it work.
Next off, is how you level up. By default people would get set amount of stats when you gain new level. From now on, you get 1 skill point each level and you can add it or remove to suit your taste. Want a mage who is full physical? Now you can! You are free to build your own stats and rest for no cost. This also impacted more balance of enemies.
Enemies are more balanced now. I reduced stats for all enemies and added level progression for them also. That means, if you are level 1 they will be level 1, if you are level 11 they will be level 11. Not all enemies start with player level. Some start a bit higher so it prevents people from killing a awesome boss as level 2.
Added few more mechanics like appraisal shop where you can try get some mats or awesome stuff (all are items) for cheap. I wanted to make it to be a gamble game where you can try to get an item that is expensive or hard to find for cheap. It's just something to give a player an option, it's more like a black market thingy. Right now there are 3 different material you can get 1) cooking, 2)crafting and 3)alchemy. Later on I will add item indetifying to weapons and armor's.
I removed the bestiary mechanic from game. I figure out that it takes a lot of space and collided with some other scripts so it's out of the window.
-I fixed a lot of stuff like crash in Woodpine quest,
-fishing bar not filling up when casting,
-digging wheat in Woodpine giving flour instead wheat,
-correct shovel to dig stuff,
-Obsidian Potion Shop not being able to enter during the day,
-Small HP Potion only being usable on caster,
-added few battle transitions,
-fixed horse travel from Ivy to Woodpine,
-fixed Plaguefang cave event not being able to enter and the cultist above, and a lot more.
-Turned on logo and intro that I forgot to do for past year...
-Added autobattle if you are too lazy
-Added Combat log display for info in case you missed something
-Added Critical hit sounds
-Added Enemy HUD display
There is a lot of stuff that I haven't mentioned here and too lazy right now, it's 1:16 in morning and I'm typing this to finish fast so I can go sleep to get up early to work 8 for 10e ...
This update had 35hours of work.

Hey guys! Guess what? The new update is out! Yeah! I worked since last night 12h almost to try and push it now, the reason is: I'm probably going tomorrow to move to work in another country for 2-3months and I won't be able to work on game.
So, hit that download play game send feedback and give opinions!

Hey guys! I know I haven't been active a lot past 6 months. There was a valid reason (I think). My PC broke down and all progress was lost, all 2 months of work. That killed me for a while and was not motivated to work, but since past month or so, I'm working on the game again. The update will probably go out in a week or less.There are a lot of things that changed and I hope they will be received well.
Mainly for how basic mechanic of SAVE works. To add more challenge to the game I removed the "save everywhere you want", now you need to have item to do so. You have a "Diary" and "INK" (which you can craft), where you require both to actually save the game. That way people will be more engaged in crafting and gathering, plus, it makes people be more cautious and don't abuse the save option whenever they want.
There are also more interesting things in next update like FISHING BONANZA! Yes, now you can fish and enjoy the calm and soothing hobby. It also gives you chance to earn some quick money and resources.
The Alchemy has been also overhauled! Now it has separate tab and you can purchase different level scrolls to craft them!
All in all it's not too big, but it's rather best I could do after the set back.
Oh, also, I fixed the Flask so now it should work properly.
That's it for now.

Hello all! I got bad news for you this time: My PC got hit by blue screen of death and I lost all my progress since last update of the game (current build that you play) and I got pushed back some month and a half of work. Alas, not all is lost! Since I'm a smart guy (my mother says so), I save every build upon upload just in case and this is no difference. I still got all my resourcess and scripts I just need to re-download the build and re-work all the stuff that I got lost.
Fear not, I will work a bit harder to catch up lost time somehow and push update when I can.
In addition this is my first time (probably going to do it two-three more times) and ask if you like the game and want to help me out to put the game on STEAM, you can help me out by donating here ( https://streamlabs.com/meh_streamer ). I need just 100$ to upload game on STEAM and again, fear not the game will ALWAYS BE FREE! I just need a bit of help on that side because that is like a month and half salary.
In addition, I also am doing charity for a friend who has both kidneys shut down and need 65000euro for transplantation via same link, just write down for what it is. (if I go above 100$ I will put it to donation goal, I personally aided as did our friends and his family but it's a lot of money for people here.
Well, that's it for now, have a happy Easter

Some small news this time!
Hey my dear players (and other who click the game randomly), I'm dropping this "News" due to high activity past two months where the number of downloads has finally surpassed 1000! \o/
I'm really happy about that! It's awesome news to me! I'm dropping by all sites, that I have game uploaded on, every day and see the analytics going up and up. I did work less on the new update (usually hour per week), and slowly doing more and more progress. I had to cut down the time invested because I had a job. (note the "had" part? Yeah, not anymore :D ) Now I have more free time but have to work on the side tutoring some kids German language (8classes per week, 1-2h per class) so I can pay the damn bills. The work I put in new update is close to 10-11hl, and is focused mostly on doing the final touches in Bagash-Downtown and adding more quests and events there and adding new (replacing) the music/sounds in areas outside friendly cities, villages and castles. I'm mostly manually recording by going on locations (river, forest, local mine, etc) and putting it in the game.
It's less work that previous update but hopefully more content and more polish and people will approve of it. Currently I spend my free time on river reading books and writing my own light novel so the game is a bit neglected (but will work on it don't worry about that), but mainly since it's a free to play game and my only incentive to finish it is my own childhood dream.
TL:DR: Happy about downloads, main focus on polish for new update, novel writing takes a small priority right now. Send nud... I mean send bug reports and suggestions!
Have a nice day!

Hey guys! I see increased traffic on all sites I put my game on since last update! Together I have new 69 downloads, which makes me really happy! I'm almost at 1000downloads all together! \o/
Anyway, I want to say thanks people and here are info what you might expect in future update (will be sooner than the update that is out currently).
-Adding horse fast travel (purchasable and rented)
-More quests and events
-More purchasable houses (with different ressources)
-More world locations
-More events , people and quests in South Bagash (Downtown)
-Finishing world location (Tyst Woodland)
-Finishing few single locations
-Adding new scripts (fishing, battle order)
-Posibble addition (minimap, enemy classes and levels icons, more in depth alchemy, skill progression, passive skills, steal script)

​Hey guys! New update is out! I worked 110hours on it! A lot of new stuff in it added! But sadly, also removed (playing with mouse option).
-Added new events and quests (close to 40)
-Added purchasable houses (one atm, more will come in future updates)
-Weight to items
-Fixed Empty Flask
-Removed placeholder forests (trees in chunks) and replaced them with single placeing
-Better shadows
-New items, weapons and armor
-Specialty vendor (from special item like Demon's Horn you can craft special Dagger and stuff like that)
-5 new world locations
-Finished South Bagash and added stuff in it (future update will have more people and events in it
-Bank/storage- Since now items have weight, you are limited how much items you can carry in the world. This gives you option to store some stuff for a price, or if you purchase house it's free. It's stored across whole game so you don't need to go back to specific place to pick it up.
-Limited gold in inventory- to add more realism, people don't usually carry 100000 gold in their pockets, so you can store gold in banks
-Added Tutorial Note that can be accessed anytime
-Can drop items from inventory to free up space
-Post battle information screen
-Added more in depth smelting- Now to craft bars, you need to first smelt ore to ingots and then to bars, both refining you need to access the smiting station
-Various bug fixes
-Added finally face expressions for main character (future update will have to edit that I skipped)
Hopefully the update will be well received, waiting for complains and praise!
Happy 2019 and that's all!

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