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Fifth Era

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Nel mondo esiste un'arcana pietra, chiamata Pietra della Terra, che conferisce grandi poteri a chiunque riesca ad impossessarsene. La Red Wolf, una società  di creazione di armi la sta cercando per creare nuove armi, ma un gruppo di ribelli si oppone.
Taal: Italiano  
Fifth Era
Fifth Era
Fifth Era
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kalindor (Level 12) 2020-06-04
only ita? I played the first minutes. It looks amazing. A lot of animations and the mapping is perfect. I think it is made using #rpgmaker even if you selected here UNKNOWN.
AsuraGamer89 (Level 5) 2020-01-05
What game engine have you used?
Kaen999 (Level 18) 2019-03-23
Please, translate to English
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