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Example run & gun C2

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Gepubliceerd op: 03/08/2018


Construct 2

Engine developed in construct 2 as an example based on menu starte pack 3.0

Controls Mause and keyboard

Jump: W Walk: A-D shoot: Left Click change weapon: Space Bar

Taal: Espanol  
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There is already a web version, enjoy it!
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Example run & gun C2
Example run & gun C2
Reacties (5)
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TyrionL (Level 12) 2018-10-24

you have to make a full game using this!

Luis (Level 17) 2018-08-27

No news about a possible two players version?

Parzival (Level 6) 2018-08-05

I hope to play a full game like this. the shooting is the best part

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