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Greetings, fellow potatoes!
As the chief potato of Potatobrain Games, I am proud to announce the planned release date for Eredia: Diary of Heroes is 31st March 2018. (Planned, not final)
While the development of the game is complete, and the testing/balancing is at its final phase, too, it is time for us to get busy with marketing, promotions, steam integration, and stuff like that.
It's our first commercial game launch, and I'd be lying to say we aren't nervous.
Whenever the climb got steep, I looked back at the numerous comments of support and appreciation that I got over the months. At the end of the journey I feel satisfied to have made a game that does not compromise.
We chose to self-publish this game, and we have little to no experience when it comes to marketing. If you liked the demo and appreciate Eredia, we request you to spread the word and spread the love. Tell, your friends, family, and other gamers about Eredia, and what made you appreciate it.
I know I haven't reached out to the community as much as I should have, but throughout the month I'll keep you guys updated with the latest news, and if there are any change of plans.

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