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Gepubliceerd op: 14/04/2019

Browser Game


Top-down shooter with time freezing.
♦ Download the game for more maps and main menu.
♦ If you have 32-bit operating system; Download the 32-bit version!
Taal: English  
News: 2
Hey everyone! Here we have the update version 1.4 of Dasher, Milkshakes and Power-ups! Now, the reason I named it like that will be clear for you after you seen the main changes about this update: • Added 4 Power-ups! Additional Health, Shield, Instant kills and the Dasher Pro (x2 Speed and deals double damage!) • Android support. You can now play Dasher on Android...
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Dasher 3D
Dasher 3D
Dasher 3D
Dasher 3D
Dasher 3D
Dasher 3D
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Fellowplayer (Level 23) 2019-04-15
Is this also multiplayer?
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