Card Master Aaelind Demo Card Master Aaelind Demo
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Fry2 Profile (2851 Edelstenen) 2018-09-26

Still a good game

Luis (8933 Edelstenen) 2018-04-09

Very nice. Strange that it has still few downloads

Fellowplayer Profile (23624 Edelstenen) 2018-01-03

I like a good card game, they are quite popular on my channel.

TyrionL (3607 Edelstenen) 2017-11-25

finally another card game!

Popsan Angel (3527 Edelstenen) 2017-11-10

is there a video about the gameplay?

Zion (3204 Edelstenen) 2017-11-10

oh, a card game. It's so rare to find good card game single player. I will try it

TheBigShow (3148 Edelstenen) 2017-11-06

Why I can't play it online like your previous game?

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