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"Advance" is a short and hard 2D auto-scrolling platformer about being overwhelmed by the first technologic discovery. Music progresses with you. Catapults are not safe. I warned you. Made for Ludum Dare 36: "Ancient Technology" #LDJAM
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LordDestro (825 Edelstenen) 2016-11-25

hahhahaha very funny !

Step (1481 Edelstenen) 2016-10-03

Nice ! Completed! It's very funny even if it's very sloooooow. XD Are you trying to do it like a slow motion game ? So, I repeat. Nice and short. It's a nice minigame for this jam ! :) and the ending is very cool and expleins the meaning of the tourch :D

Ura (895 Edelstenen) 2016-09-27

can you add a gameplay about it ?

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