Way of the Sinner DEMO Way of the Sinner DEMO
Studio Delvix
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Pc white Muat Turun

Pc white Muat Turun


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PlanetNerdsTV2 (20 Gems) 2019-10-09

Heyo! I made a little review of the game in case ya didnt know to check it out or not! Enjoy!

Zombikittie (182 Gems) 2019-06-19

This made me miss playing fighting games. I love the art style and the music was a great touch. It's seems I still never use blocking/guarding as a means in any fighting game. I look forward to seeing the final game.

endworldgaming (157 Gems) 2019-06-18

I checked out the demo for the game and had an absolute blast playing it. I'm glad my fighting game skills haven't wavered any, and I'm not feeling very well today and still managed to do pretty good lol. Really looking forward to seeing what the final game will be like. Good luck on the continued development of the game!

InnrSpkr (98 Gems) 2019-04-23

Looks great, on my way to try our the demo.

Drifterthorn (450 Gems) 2019-01-31

This game is epic. I really loved playing it. I can not wait to see this game goes next.

Coopa (628 Gems) 2019-01-29

これ初めて見たときは興奮したなぁ で、たまにまた見たくなってこうしてきてしまう…

No Signal (452 Gems) 2019-01-19

this game is so epic. I wait to see the story mode in the next update. Congratulation

wearevenom (1405 Gems) 2018-10-09

finally news!

GialluGamer97 (77 Gems) 2018-09-20

Un ottimo gioco, mi ha preso molto per quello che sono riuscito a giocare, non vedo l'ora che esca la modalità storia. Nel mentre ci ho fatto anche un video, spero vi piaccia ^^

Mario Franklin (40 Gems) 2018-08-22

http://socialnerdology.altervista.org/way-of-the-sinner/ qui le nostre considerazioni sul titolo.

Ev1lch1nch1lla (34 Gems) 2018-08-17

Man, I loved this game, its violent, its fast and best of all, i chopped some dude in half...13/10 would get impaled by a much faster/stronger npc again. check out my review of the game

stargleen (1913 Gems) 2018-08-02

Very good!

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