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After a two years of absence from the previous version (alpha v0.6), Vloxelworld is now again return to loaded with another variety of updates on the pre-beta v0.7:
- Translations added, you can change the language of the dialogues to Spanish.
- The Skybox is changed & the shaders are improved.
- The Battle systems are improved.
- The items are now usable (for example, the Heal potion to press right button of the mouse, restore HP).
- New Map Added: Bitboss Dungeon.
- More Enemies & boss added: Skelerats & Ghoulball.

the alpha v0.6 of Vloxelworld is now available.
Update list:
- Is also available in Mac & Linux
- Added a Skybox
- Added a Bats, more music & sound effects
- Added Main Menu & Pause Menu
- Fixed some maps, and added news: Bitrock Dungeon & Dungeon Passage, etc.
- Fixed the problem of the battles, and now they work well (most times).
- You can rotate the camera with the right mouse button
- You can save & load the game
- Coveart changes in the page.

ESP: Corrección en la disponibidad de sistema operativo, me había confundido con el icono actual de Windows, que resulta que aquí está clasificado como Windows Phone.
ENG: Correction in the availability of operating systems, I had confused with the current Windows icon, it turns out that here is classified as Windows Phone.

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