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The Adventure for a Sword

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검을 찾아 공중에 떠있는 계단을 올라가는 게임입니다.(테스트 버전)
It's a game where you go up the stairs in the air looking for a sword.
This is the test version
Direction key : w , a , s , d
Jump : Space
Dash : Left Shift + Direction key(w,a,s,d)
Roll : f(Press f in Dash mode),(Left Shift + Direction key + f)
Item Acquisition : p(The item is on top)
Pull Item : number 4
#sunmoon #sunmoon2021c
Bahasa: 한국어  
The Adventure for a Sword
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Studio90 Disahkan (Level 8) 2021-02-01
hey there, im looking for players to check out my game, would be awesome if you try it out, just go to my profile and click on Baby Goat Billy :)
gamefive Disahkan (Level 15) 2021-01-31
대쉬기능안 쉬프트키 + 방향키라 적는게 맞는거 같네요. Roll(구르기)도 방향키 + 대쉬 상태에서 F키라고 적는게 맞는거 같습니다.
gamefive Disahkan (Level 15) 2021-01-31
대쉬, 롤, 아이템 사용등의 기능은 언제 구현이 되는건가요?
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