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Simpler Land

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A open ended hop and bop platformer with rpg elements. Traverse the land talk to the townspeople and find out how to become a ninja, then defeat all the monsters in the land. #platformer
Use wasd or arrows to move. Use E to pick up things, and Q to throw things. Also use E to enter doors and talk to townspeople.
On touch devices a controller will appear below the game.
Bahasa: English  
Simpler Land
Simpler Land
Simpler Land
Simpler Land
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RetrelonGames (Level 3) 2021-02-15
Not sure why, but I couldn't get the game to start. Looks interesting.
lucyinthespace (Level 14) 2021-02-11
Remove your controller and use the indiepad. It's better
Kira (Level 9) 2021-02-11
Very easy but nice. My tips: when you destroy the enemies, you should take the fruits just touching them, without to press a button
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