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깃발을 찾아서 위로 올라가는 게임
left : left arrow , right : right arrow , jump : space bar
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Find Flag
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gamefive Disahkan (Level 16) 2021-01-29
플랫포퍼 게임의 정석을 본거 같습니다. 잘 만드셨습니다.
kidstalk89 (Level 5) 2021-01-25
재밌게 플레이했습니다만 짧아서 아쉽습니다.
elvpfhhrm (Level 7) 2021-01-25
It was simple to play, but it feels overly simple.
The slow movement of the character seems to enhance the simple feeling. It will be more fun if there is an increase in the character's movement speed and the number of levels.
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