Ulasan 6

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Fellowplayer (Level 22) 2019-01-22
No single player its a shame.
No Signal (Level 6) 2019-01-19
can you add the indiepad?
Gesan (Level 5) 2019-01-13
it's only for two players. can you add also a single player version? and add more screenshots, please
franco999 (Level 13) 2019-01-08
make it responsive. I have a small monitor and I can not see all the map
Popsan Angel (Level 13) 2019-01-08
nice demo just to study the movments. You should to improve the animations (add for example a jump sprite) and improve the assets. but it's good!
lmml_l (Level 3) 2019-01-08
What do u think about our game ? Say to us :)
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