Discomfort Discomfort
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Pc white Muat Turun

Pc white Muat Turun


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vinstriano Profile (1849 Gems) 2019-06-23

Cool game

Fellowplayer Profile (21812 Gems) 2019-05-03

It's a little hard to control and resolution is a little strange. If it was adapted to be used in an engine like Unity I think people would find it easier to play, I like the look of it though.

Fellowplayer Profile (21812 Gems) 2019-05-03

Looks interesting, I will give it a bash.

Agent44 (3792 Gems) 2019-05-03

Like to play a pixel art game in 3d. Very strange experience

wikilox Profile (877 Gems) 2019-04-30

is there a gameplay about it? is it an horror?

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