Devil's Hand Devil's Hand
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Pc white Muat Turun

Pc white Muat Turun


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idmaker (151 Gems) 2016-12-19

little bit tough. nice scenarios

betterdead (67 Gems) 2016-12-19

thumbs up

krustykrasty (177 Gems) 2016-11-23

beautiful :-)

Jonathan Fish (7709 Gems) 2016-08-14

It's too hard. I'm blocked in the second room (after that I go down the stairs). Can I change weapon?

Carir (1867 Gems) 2016-06-28

very hard D: i cann't go on D:

Cynac (1071 Gems) 2016-06-20

it remembers me an old game that i have on pc... where you could see also the hand of the character... but i don't remember the name >.<

PlazaMista (1044 Gems) 2016-06-18

i know also your other games ! it's not the firt time that you join to the ludum dare, right ? :D So i think that this is one of your best games ! Congratulations ! Continue it !

fats (2684 Gems) 2016-06-18

very nice fps ! there are weapons very strong to destroy the monsters :D

Marius (4130 Gems) 2016-06-18

it's developed very good ! But i can't go on ! It's too hard ! I'm already blocked in the second stage ! The enimies are too strong ! And i haven't a way where i can run away... i'm in a little space with already three (strong) enemies... but the project is very interesting ! I follow to see if you will improve it. And i agree with Player56... it's very dark... i have also problems to see where to shot... But it's fast and no lags! To try and continue !

Player56 (718 Gems) 2016-05-27

it's too dark...

Tyrion (560 Gems) 2016-05-18

very cool gameplay !

Glask66 (586 Gems) 2016-05-17

nice !

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