Crime Opera (Demo) Crime Opera (Demo)
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Pc white Linux white Osx white Muat Turun

Pc white Linux white Osx white Muat Turun


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Best IndieGames (4515 Gems) 2019-01-06

This game is in the video about the 5 Best Free Games of December 2018

RockMith (1217 Gems) 2018-12-15

is this your first Visual Novel? I see talent here

RalphW (495 Gems) 2018-12-06

what means #oelvn ?!

Gatsu87 (3912 Gems) 2018-12-06

is there a video gameplay?

onebullet55 (1930 Gems) 2018-12-05

i'm downloading it. soon my full feedback!

Freank Profile (4251 Gems) 2018-12-05

Congratulation @sbester1 , you make a really nice Visual novel! the plot is very interesting and the characters are descripted very well! I hope to see new chapters and good luck on #kickstarter !

Reofloor (1606 Gems) 2018-12-05

can you add more screenshots?

Popsan Angel (3371 Gems) 2018-12-04

a thriller vn? really? It looks amazing! Please, improve the description!

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