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MikeyBlighe (Level 6) 2021-06-21
I love the concept of this, and what we have so far plays pretty smoothly (albeit with a few little bumps along the way). Got to say though, as soon as I hit the first stage with snow on the ground I was completely hopeless! I understand that the demo hops around a little bit, but I feel like there could be some tweaks done when it comes to controlling the glider.
Do love this so far though, excited to see more!
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LillysCornerCur (Level 0) 2021-06-12
The environments are beautiful, but the game is too difficult for unexperienced people like me (I played on easy difficulty and that was hard enough to prevent me finishing one stage, even after multiple tries). There should be an easier learning curve for players new to the genre.
There are some bugs in the tutorial (failing to pass through a ring isn't detected correctly).
BluishGreenPro (Level 4) 2021-05-27
Hi! I just tried your game on my stream; https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1036363046?t=00h04m37s
Hope the feedback helps!
Best IndieGames (Level 16) 2021-05-09
This game is in the video about the Top 4 Indie Games of April 2021

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RobBoberty (Level 2) 2021-05-07
Pretty cool. Very nice visuals and the gameplay is pretty good.
I think it should be a bit easier for people who want to get through the levels and see the story unfold and aren't worried about getting a perfect game. Maybe the easiest mode could have you following a general path without having to get through rings.

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Han (Level 8) 2021-04-29
very original idea. Perfect style. The tutorial is very easy and very clear. Probably I will add it also on Steam
Freank Disahkan (Level 16) 2021-04-23
I am not so good on this kind of game (you know) and my laptop is not so good for this 4K... but the landscapes, the team and the ideas are amazing! And I am very happy to see that a lot of new players are discovering it! Good luck guys!
Yahoo (Level 7) 2021-04-21
it is very hard to play it using the keyboard...
DragonExplosion (Level 3) 2021-04-20
Hey there, I am a YouTuber and if you like my videos, please leave a like and subscribe to my channel. I was playing the game on keyboard and the controls were a bit difficult for me to play through the game. The tutorial resets itself to the 2nd stage every time I fail in the next stages. Would be good if I can just restart at the stage itself.

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Walger_ (Level 1) 2021-04-14
Il gioco sembra promettente! Lo proverò per la prima volta in live sul mio canale Twitch, se siete curiosi mi troverete in diretta esattamente questo venerdì alle 17:30, di seguito lascio il link del mio canale così potrete entrare direttamente da questa pagina:
Non vedo l'ora!
garryblu (Level 4) 2021-04-10
My gameplay video ►
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Rating 10/10 stars for this game. I like the style of design and cultures. Gameplay is good and so realistic even though I have a problem after finish the tutorial, it crash. So I need to re-open again. But no problem, It's still running perfectly in story mode :D
unRoboto (Level 9) 2021-04-09
Why Aviano? It's not a jet.
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