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-NEW UPDATE!! In this new Update to Snake Ophidia, several aspects of the game have been fixed and improved as follows:

-To get started, from today the HTML5 version for Snake Ophidia search engine is available. What are you waiting for to try it out on your favorite search engine?

-One of the most important improvements of this update has been the correction of a bug/bug that affected the audio, the bug prevented the audio to be reactivated after pausing it using the audio icon/button. From today the game audio will work properly, thus improving the gaming experience.

-Another major improvement or change has been increased game speed: increased the speed at which the player advances to more than double of the speed at which it was previously progressing, and in turn the "fps" has also been increased from 30fps to 60fps, in order to improve the gaming experience and make this a more frenetic and fun experience. From today you will move much faster and more fluidly!!

-And finally another of the important changes has been the change of the official language of the game. Previously the default language of the game was Spanish, but from today the default language will be English!! to facilitate and improve the gameplay of as many people as possible.

Play and enjoy!

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