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26th March 2020 - Long time no see!


Apologies all for the lack of updates here on indexpo, however this has not been for the lack of game updates! Vercidium and Rocket Skeleton have added new visuals, gamemodes and gameplay changes on a very regular basis. We definitely recommend joining the Discord server to more easily find a game, as the playerbase is still small, but games are happening now on a more regular basis -


We also have just announced our second Salvage Cup, with in-game currency as prizes. 4vs4 on our Salvage (canister capture) mode. More information over at - definitely come say hi on #tournament in Discord too.


Here's a few things we've updated since last time:

** New modes! Salvage (capture point mode) and Arena (a small, fast-paced arena where you have to collect weapons from specific slots on the map).

** Changed weapon mechanics - Rail Gun now has a charge mechanic so no more instant headshot kills.

** Improved visuals - the visual style had somewhat of a cleanse, and has since included adding features such as light rays and weather changes.

** Overhauled audio system - should more accurately represent direction sound.

...and so much more!


Full changelog can be found in the changelog channel on Discord.

Thanks for popping by!


21st June 2019 - Alpha Release v172

We have heard your feedback! You don't have to sign up to an external website in order to play. We had the invite key system so that we could more easily keep people aware of what's happening with the game; but with indiexpo, we can do that directly through this page, so it is not as necessary!

What this all practically means is that we've replaced the invite system with two optional screens that appear when you first load; the first tells you about the Discord server and has a button to join it or skip, the second tells you about the mailing list, what we will use it for and gives you the option to join it or skip. So you can skip both and enter the game without doing either if you wish.

Thanks to @reofloor / @TyrionL / @Fellowplayer / @DevZone for your feedback on this.

We definitely recommend joining the Discord server to more easily find a game, as the playerbase is still small and unable to have players constantly in-game yet.

If that's not an option for you, we have a list of playtest times we always schedule a game at, but we do play more often than these (again, arranged through Discord):

Monday 8-9pm BST (2-3pm EST / Tuesday 5-6am AEST)

Tuesday 1-2am BST (7-8pm EST / 10-11am AEST)

Wednesday 7-8pm BST (1-2pm EST / Thursday 4-5am AEST)

Friday 11pm-12am BST (5-6pm EST / Saturday 8-9am AEST)

Saturday 3-4pm BST (9-10am EST / Sunday 0-1am AEST)

Sunday 1-2am BST (Saturday 7-8pm EST / Sunday 10-11am AEST)

Here's the changelog of the patches between v171a and our new v172!


** Fixed tutorial crashing in bare minimum mode

** Fixed XRay spectator mode in bare minimum

** Fixed server crash from shooting a player just after they leave


** Player nameplates in spectator mode only render if the player is visible, or XRay mode is enabled

** Player nameplates are smaller and fade to transparency if the player is > 50 blocks away from the camera

** Tutorial area changes

** Increased Antigen leniency

** Invite key activation removed

** More accurate lag compensation for low-ping players

** Jumping unscopes from your weapon

** Changed antigen system again.

** Moderators can disable antigen during a game


** Lowered network packet size for most message types


** Lag compensation for scanners

** New players (first-time launch) will be prompted to join our Discord and mailing list

** Statistics for each weapon are now tracked for each player: total kills, total fires, total body hits, total head hits, total player damage and total block damage. These are accessible at

** This client is out of date. Click here to download the latest build message at the top of the navigation menu


** Rail Gun body damage reduced from 85 to 55

** Beam Rifle body damage reduced from 48 to 35

** Rail Gun and Beam Rifle headshot multiplier increased from 1.5x to 2x

Cheers all! P.s. apologies for the several attempts to post this, site formatting/newlines were acting up.

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