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Reofloor (1606 Gems) 2018-07-10

like a dream. great idea and great realization! when the next demo?

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onebullet55 (1930 Gems) 2018-04-25

Is it still a demo? I follow!

Karma (4169 Gems) 2018-04-23

Interesting game!

Eugor (2919 Gems) 2018-04-20

it's too strange that you have still so few downloads here! this game is great!!

TheBigShow (3118 Gems) 2018-04-15

Great idea and nice game

Luis (8439 Gems) 2018-04-02

Is it an horror?

Fellowplayer Profile (21892 Gems) 2018-03-27

Nice to see this game here. A hard game that really needs you to think ahead on what to do but a strong challenge. The full version will be very interesting:

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