Noiz Prototype

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**Racing game survival that integrates arcade components with rpg and simulation elements for emotion and a new experience, even for those who hate racing games.**
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Hello guys, right now we are working hard to solve some very annoying bugs and in the meantime we also want to increase the performance of the game itself. We also intend to improve the physical characteristics of vehicles and collisions. In this prototype there are two vehicles: the first on meteor is a front-wheel drive, while on kraken we have a rear-wheel drive...
Noiz Prototype
Noiz Prototype
Noiz Prototype
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nezir (515 Gems) 2018-10-08


simo_clubhouse (31 Gems) 2018-10-06

Provato oggi alla gamesweek , bè che dire un gioco di corse survival indie? IDEA GENIALE , graficamente ( nonostante sia un prototipo) vermanete ben fatta, FINALMENTE uno sterzon degno di nota -e non i classici sterzi duri come camion- ottima sensibilità e bell'immersione in gioco , GG guys

carlsen (300 Gems) 2018-09-16

Why also survival? The graphics are amazing, it's an amazing race game also with few features. Great work behind

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