De Spelunca Ex Elementis De Spelunca Ex Elementis
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Hello! I fix a bug that accurred when you jump outside certain room. I hope now is a bug-free game :) And.. Now you can find De Spelunca Ex Elementis on the #playstore:


1.2.2: Finally fix the compenetration bug in the first lava room and add highscore recap


New version, new bugfixes! * Bugfix boss death * Now darkness is more understandable * Fix wall position * Fix graal counter bug

And... #android version will available soon!


Hey! What's up? I #update the game! #Changelog: 1.1 Reactivate animation when player jump and fix collision bugs Fix game resolution bug Change font to improve readability Add history when game starts. Now you must enter a name if you want to posto you highscore online Minor fixes

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