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Update 1.0.4
• Armor system now live, to test it we tied it into the Halloween event
• Halloween event system now in place, from now on every year, the game runs a Halloween event from Oct 1st - Nov 11th. The environment changes, Halloween quests, and Halloween items such as masks become available (no quests just yet)
• To test the Halloween masks and armor system, you simply need to kill a werewolf, skeleton, or a pumpkinhead enemy, then it will appear in your armor tab of your inventory (Keep in mind these are nighttime enemies)
• Grassland Encounter now has improved background layers
• Sky Town Cloud City: More NPC's with dialogue
• Starter towns for each class now act as a safe zone and will give you +8 Stamina regen until you leave #crescenthollow #halloween #pumpkin #rpg #retrostyle #indiegame #forest #steampunk #ninja #indiedev #pixelart #8bit

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