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Pc white 다운로드 External link

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kalindor (레벨 13) 2021-06-25
Great horror game!
Trix (레벨 4) 2021-06-14
the idea is very cool. An open world to play in your car with an horror background. Amazing. did you release it also on steam?
YooriTakeshi (레벨 6) 2021-05-15
Gioco del genere di guida davvero fatta bene accurata su tutti i dettagli a anche delle atmosfere spaventose
Yahoo (레벨 12) 2021-04-21
did you make other games?
Marco Sacchetti (레벨 14) 2021-04-15
One of the most original idea for an open world game
garryblu (레벨 8) 2021-03-04
I dunno but it's force close in my pc if I play on fullscreen mode. Is it still demo version? Because it says "Beware Demo" in here.
where_is_love (레벨 11) 2021-02-28
Is it a never ending game? I was playing it all the day long to find the end of the map or a final destination!
Rodixxx (레벨 7) 2021-02-08
Between an open world and an horror movie. I love the style like an old horror movie
Kira (레벨 10) 2021-02-06
Is this your only game? Your skills are great! I want to play also your others games!
the ugly truth (레벨 11) 2021-02-06
Played today! At first you don't know what to do, but I think that it is all part of the developer idea, when you play it, you will discover the horror part of the game! Amazing work!
franco999 (레벨 14) 2021-02-05
Watched today into a Google ads! Probably one of the best horror Games on this website!5/5
Gatsu87 (레벨 14) 2021-02-03
I was looking for a gameplay about this game on YouTube and I saw a lot of huge channels! Congratulations!
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