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World's Smallest RPG: Rev

Concept for a remake of WSRPG. An NES-style action adventure game, based on titles such as Kid Icarus, Legacy of the Wizard and Legend of Zelda. Controller recommended.
言語: English  
ニュース: 15
0.27.0 - Added pitfalls
World's Smallest RPG: Rev
コメント数 14
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gamefive 確認済み (レベル 16) 2022-09-02
이 게임은 언제 완성 되는가?
Satsume (レベル 8) 2022-03-31
I very like the concept and the artstyle of this game, also this game is made in rpgmaker MV? really? the gameplay and the movement of the character are very fluid for a limited engine like RPGMaker, impressive.
Decelo (レベル 11) 2021-10-06
I am playing this game again and again :)
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