Tower Capture Tower Capture
htmlhigh5 and Freank
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Freank Profile (レベル 14) 2018-01-18
No news about Tower Capture 2? :D
indiexpo Addons (レベル 12) 2017-11-29
You can find this game also on our new extension/ #addon on your own Browser.Chrome: and Play!
zxretrosoft Profile (レベル 12) 2017-11-26
Very nice game, original idea, great work! Thank you! ;)
Magnus C (レベル 10) 2017-10-11
Nice idea! Are you improvint it or is it full?
Eugor (レベル 12) 2017-08-31
nice idea! even if I can win also in the hard mode. lol
Marius (レベル 13) 2017-08-20
just played. good work. but add a soundrack and sounds! so it will be more funny!
Zion (レベル 12) 2017-08-10
great work guys! I like the new design!
Freank Profile (レベル 14) 2017-08-10
It was a pleasure to work with you!
Freank Profile (レベル 14) 2017-08-06
Can I help you to improve the graphics? :)
MagicOz (レベル 10) 2017-08-06
Oh, Yes! Add the local multiplayer! it's nice!
Freank Profile (レベル 14) 2017-08-02
I agree with franco999. it's a good idea, but with bad assets. And this can be also a good local multiplayer game! So you can add the #indiepad :D
franco999 (レベル 12) 2017-08-02
I like it! It looks like go. But with the arrows to block your enimies! I want to suggest you to improve the graphics. Try to use sprites of archers or other stuff. The design is a BOMB. I played it several time today! But the assets stop the players to try it. 4/5 stars. I want to give you the last star, but please, add a new style! Great great idea!
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