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Parzival (レベル 7) 2018-07-07
@stash, was there a winner?
zxretrosoft Profile (レベル 12) 2018-07-03
C64 style :) Very nice! :) Original game idea, super.
Sekayo (レベル 12) 2018-04-05
misleading advertising
Amir (レベル 13) 2018-04-05
me too. I am at 3
Enoch Profile (レベル 6) 2018-04-05
nice challenge! Just a tip, create an index.html with an iframe of your website, put it in a zip and upload it here. It will be playable online and it will have more players. Like this game:
Fellowplayer Profile (レベル 22) 2018-04-04
Do I get a real $5000 :P
Karma (レベル 13) 2018-04-04
Made it for mobile!
Freank Profile (レベル 14) 2018-04-04
How many levels? I am at 3
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