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The Tower of Mu

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Hardcore platform/action with RPG elements and a Game Boy feeling made with RPG Maker MV.
言語: Italiano   English  
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The game demo was made for IGMC 2018 contest! Please consider voting for us and leave a comment/feebdack!
The Tower of Mu
The Tower of Mu
The Tower of Mu
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MyMadnessWorks Profile (1298 宝石) 2019-01-18

I got back on this gem every day since I began it, playing a little more than one hour at a time. Reminiscent of old times, this game can take you to places you forgot existed.

You have to play Tower of Mu, it is a challenging game that has a strong, lovely identity.

Best IndieGames (3970 宝石) 2019-01-06

This game is in the video about the 5 Best Free Games of December 2018

Multiverse (506 宝石) 2019-01-04

when you jump, the camera jump in a strange way. I dunno why.

The Tower of Mu
The Tower of Mu
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