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indiexpo Interviews (レベル 3) 2017-04-20
6 Questions for... Giulio Davì
YouTube Gameplay
Stre93 (レベル 11) 2016-11-03
is there an online version ?
Eugor (レベル 14) 2016-11-02
i like the game looks and i think it will be fun to plat but even more fun if it was muliplayer but it will sill be fun Good luck with the game :D
Carir (レベル 10) 2016-10-31
Good style ! Nice work guys (even if it's very hard :P ) I hope to see new games made by you !
Zion (レベル 12) 2016-10-25
it's very nice ! Fast and interesting ! :D
cema12 (レベル 8) 2016-10-24
Nice game guys ! Even if it's very hard....
fats (レベル 12) 2016-10-20
Nice ! Is there also a web version? This can be perfect to play online.
Step (レベル 9) 2016-10-20
Nice game! A good work! The design is very easy and the design is perfect! :)
Staff 確認済み (レベル 14) 2016-10-20
Fixed video :)
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