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Wayward Worlds (レベル 4) 2016-08-29
Thanks for the feedback. I wasn't trying to create something that felt 'retro' per-se with the art direction, I just wanted to try mixing edgy vector art with pixel art. I tried using a pixel art style font initially, but I think the current one is easier to distinguish at a quick glance. I'll do something to help locate the PC. Let me know if you beat the game/your end score.
Reim (レベル 6) 2016-08-27
The chara is very small... And I can note it only when I move it
Jonathan Fish (レベル 16) 2016-08-13
I love this pixel style, even if at the start of the game it's hard to see fastly the PG. I agree with MyTrain, use a different font... it's too different from the rest of the game style
fats (レベル 12) 2016-08-08
very nice ! :D the old style of the gameplay is amazing... you should improve also the other screen like ti title. It remembers me the tower of druaga :D a very old game :D
Staff 確認済み (レベル 14) 2016-08-08
You can upload the zip with your game here, so the users can play it easily and fastly ;)
MyTrain (レベル 8) 2016-08-07
If you're using in the game a pixel art like the retro games... You have to use also a font in pixel art. My 2 cent
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