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Sun Temple

Explore the ruins of Sun Temple in this 2.5D platformer.
You are an explorer who found the hidden sun temple and your goal to navigate through it while collecting its treasures.
Collect the coins and avoid the obstacles.
A, D - Rotate left and right
Spacebar - Thrust rocket ship forward
言語: English  
Sun Temple
Sun Temple
Sun Temple
Sun Temple
Sun Temple
Sun Temple
コメント数 4
フォーマットに関してのヘルプ 380
Eugor (レベル 13) 2020-02-04
is there a gameplay video?
Fellowplayer (レベル 22) 2020-01-24
I don't think this game can be played in Edge. It certainly didn't let me.
ronnye (レベル 14) 2020-01-22
the loading to start the game (with the unity logo) is very slow. Can you check it?
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