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Pc white ダウンロード External link
Space Freakers is a futuristic RPG. You create your character and fly across the galaxy in your spaceship. You will have to exlore different places in order to collect items that you will be able to sell in the Spatioport, fight monster, get credits ans buy improvements. Will you be able to find all the nine pieces of a mysterious artifact in order to complete the game ?
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Space Freakers
Space Freakers
Space Freakers
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Astro_Boy (レベル 6) 2019-03-10
can you make also rpg games using ags? very strange
KnightRider (レベル 6) 2019-03-02
completed! not so long! A nice work! :)
Fellowplayer Profile (レベル 22) 2019-02-26
The drawings are certainly freaky.
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