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Pc white ダウンロード
Pc white ダウンロード


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Brim (レベル 11) 2019-12-31
You are a master. Another great game
Sekayo (レベル 12) 2019-12-28
LightOfApollo (レベル 5) 2019-12-03
Amazing job bro, keep up the good work! Here is my first look
LesGrossman (レベル 12) 2019-10-12
Good but too repetitive
franco999 (レベル 12) 2019-09-07
A new interesting popular game!
Balthasaurus Profile (レベル 4) 2019-09-06
This is a great game, I love the style and progression. However, the controls are a little uncomfortable at times, for example, it's difficult to switch keys while moving. Also, perhaps when you pick up a key, it goes to the front of the ring so it's easier to see what the new one is? Overall, though, really enjoyed playing!
galaga (レベル 10) 2019-09-04
great pixel art
Best IndieGames (レベル 14) 2019-09-02
This game is in the video about the 4 Best FREE Games of August 2019
Reofloor (レベル 10) 2019-08-30
i like the dark theme, but there are few graphic bugs. sometime the characters are on the objects.
lucyinthespace (レベル 13) 2019-08-27
Completed! Very nice style and idea! Just too short (but it's made in very few time, so it's ok) and just a bit repetitive (few rooms). 4/5 will you continue it?
wearevenom (レベル 10) 2019-08-27
how many hours to complete it? how many endings?
RealTidus (レベル 11) 2019-08-27
wow. your style changes every time and it is always great! I'm downloading it! it looks so nice!
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