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Myrkvidr (レベル 9) 2019-10-17
the browser demo won't load
Fellowplayer Profile (レベル 22) 2018-12-14
Ah I missed this one for Halloween
Sekayo (レベル 11) 2018-11-27
I played the PC version and it works good. but, previously, I played the online version and I had JS iusses. Fix it, this is my only tip, also because a lot of players prefer to play the games online.
ronnye (レベル 13) 2018-11-26
I had this error during the game: https://ibb.co/nrFrh8Y
wikilox Profile (レベル 8) 2018-11-26
sorry, i'm very noob. i can't open the first gate. the shild didn't reflect the bullets. :(
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