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Luis (レベル 17) 2018-01-26
It looks like the blend of Isaac in 3d. But it's not so user friendly. At first I don't understand easily how to play
Draker (レベル 2) 2017-05-25
This game is in my top 5! :)
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CUtet92 (レベル 7) 2016-09-17
It lags on my pc D: are you doing a light version ?
Jonathan Fish (レベル 16) 2016-08-15
it's fantastic ! only problem : the controls
MyTrain (レベル 8) 2016-07-03
Nice game ! If you add more features and improve the controls... This can be a very cool game !!
fats (レベル 12) 2016-06-13
Nice. But is should be improved !
The Crazy (レベル 8) 2016-04-12
It's to hard hit the enimies...
The Irregular (レベル 3) 2016-03-28
Ho provato questo gioco utilizzare solo "w" per muoversi dopo un po diventa snervane. Per l'autore forse dovresti togliere le bombe che sono inutili perché hanno una traiettoria strana e sono troppo lente inoltre dovresti mettere in evidenza oggetti interattivi.
Gatsu87 (レベル 14) 2015-12-23
I didn't undestand how to defuse the bomb !! The blood splatters aver very cool ! ajajajajaja
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