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Working on a new level! Coming soon!

Uploaded the #sourcecode! now it's a ture open source project! Download it and create your own platform game with RpgMaker MV! So, follow also the game <3, because I will continue to improve it!

Fixed the "totem bug". Added the life bar and item to recover yourself!

Fixed Two Bugs. Soon I will fix also the bug with the totem! Stay tuned!

Added a very sad Background Music ^^

Fixed crossbow.ogg bug

プレイ Space Jump
プレイプレイ Space Jump Online
プレイ Eating in the Space
プレイプレイ Eating in the Space Online
プレイ The Fall(en)
ダウンロード The Fall(en)
プレイ Barriers
ダウンロード Barriers
プレイ Asylum Havoc 2
ダウンロード Asylum Havoc 2
プレイ Planet Simulator
ダウンロード Planet Simulator