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Freank 確認済み (レベル 16) 2017-12-22
Finally you fixed it! I hope to see soon new game like this for indiepad! Great work!
ronnye (レベル 14) 2017-12-16
oh. nice! Finnally a smart dev that makes multiplayer games for indiepad
Staff 確認済み (レベル 14) 2017-12-07
the second player doesn't work using the indiepad. We removed this feeature. Please, fix it, test it and add again the indiepad! Your game is very interesting to play with other friends!
Amir (レベル 13) 2017-04-23
Can you fix the second player controls?
Karma (レベル 13) 2017-03-02
How the second player shoot ?
Staff 確認済み (レベル 14) 2017-02-27
We added the #indiepad #multiplayer in this game. But we can't find the tast to shoot with the second player... :(
Theihe (レベル 13) 2017-02-03
You need instructions in-game, especially when the game is avaliable online. Having to start off the game with pressing every key on the keyboard is not a good start. I'd like an option to return to the main menu aswell as sound options. The second level feels quite unfair as the gameplay is slow and thus turns quite boring to repeat if you get insta-killed. Overall it has good premise (:
iamhere (レベル 13) 2016-12-02
So good ! did you develop other games like this ?
geod_3 (レベル 9) 2016-11-28
My eyes ç_ç so manu gif XD. Is there an html5 version ??? Pleaaaaase ! Tell me yes !!!
Cange (レベル 8) 2016-11-28
Nice ! You can use the hashtag #retro in the description ;) !!
Feih (レベル 8) 2016-11-28
hahahah ! like Bomberman ! But is it only multiplayer ?
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