Winged Light Winged Light Monos
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idmaker (Livello 4) 2016-12-19
my respect to the makers. indie spirit 100%
Feih (Livello 8) 2016-08-28
si brillante !
Jonathan Fish (Livello 16) 2016-08-17
Amazing effects ! But add savepoints !!!!
mikehaggar (Livello 10) 2016-07-20
Manca la possibilità di salvare, un po' troppo difficile, ma per il resto davvero un buon lavoro, bellissime le musiche, anche se leggermente inquietanti
Gianus (Livello 8) 2016-04-17
add savepoints ! It's nice but too hard !
Gatsu87 (Livello 14) 2013-12-17
Is too easy to die ! <br />Add check points bro !!
Aironenero (Livello 4) 2013-05-20
Jeu vraiment difficile, mais avec des graphismes magnifiques qui inspire des émotions fortes durant la partie. <br />L\'absence d\'arrêts pendant le jeu rend l\'esprit et les nerfs, aussi! <br />sauvetages sur chaque niveau 1/2 rendrait le jeu plus assez jouable. <br />Je suis vraiment passionné!
Destroya (Livello 7) 2012-10-25
Cool graphics, i like it, but talking about gameplay i think the game doesn\'t offer too much to the player.
try (Livello 1) 2012-04-03
Alexander0777 (Livello 8) 2011-10-22
This game is different by the others Shoot em up: it combines the classic combat gameplay with a sort of survival gameplay to make the highest score possible, like an arcade bar game, but it is too short and the HUD must be improved. <br />Very good graphics and good sounds/music.
Marius (Livello 14) 2011-10-20
can you upload screenshot ?
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